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Mandy Bell Sleeve Shift Dress

Mandy Bell Sleeve Shift Dress


Mandy Bell-Sleeve Shift Dress

Username: Ranipark

Size usually worn: 00/XXS; Size purchased: 0 

Fit rating: 4/5; Height: 5/3" Weight: 106 lbs 

Comments: I fell in love with this dress! The color is stunning and overall it's a very flattering dress. Perfect for a work event or cocktail party when you want to look sharp! 

Screen Shot 2018-04-01 at 2.11.59 PM.png

Milly Vena Silk Chiffon Keyhole Midi Cocktail Dress

Username: Alexandra M

Size usually worn: 6 Size purchased: 4 

Fit Rating: 5/5; Height: 5'3" Weight: 140 lbs 

Comments:  Loved the fit! This dress has a nice silhouette and flow to it. Need to wear a underskirt under it, otherwise can see through it in direct sunlight.