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Curate a Designer Wardrobe on a Budget

Amrita Karve

Many thanks to Anuschka Rees, Author of the "Curated Closet", an essential guidebook of how to assemble a curated closet on a budget! Transitions in life, such as from professional to professional mother, or from student to professional, or even fluctations in weight can be tricky (and expensive!) when it comes to assembling a wardrobe. 

Having had a science background with many, many years of postgraduate education and living on a meager graduate student's salary, I was confronted with this paradox of wanting to hoard all of my hard earned money versus finally feeling like I had the chance to splurge. I wanted to indulge in Dolce & Gabbana dresses and buy everything from Cusp at Nieman Marcus! 

Style blogger Anuschka Rees' "Curated Closet" helped me tremendously during this time. She first describes moving to London in her twenties as a graduate student. Living in this very expensive city, she found it difficult to be stylish. She spent what little money she had on fast fashion and low priced retailers. We have all occasionally fallen prey to the notion that dressing well means following the latest designer trends, when really those who we admire most, such as  Audrey Hepburn, Jackie Kennedy, and Kate Middleton have an enduring style regardless of the times. 

Her book provides algorithms for introspection on our wardrobe dilemmas: Why don't we have anything to wear? Why do we make impulse buys? What ares of the wardrobe would have the greatest impact from choice purchases? What's unique about her book, as opposed to the countless other books on style, is that she gives very concrete examples as to how one can accomplish their style goals. In fact, she also has a workbook that accompanies the "Curated Closet". 

With guidance from this book, I learned that I'd need just two more simple blouses for work. This would cover almost half the week. In the winter, I'd need a dressy sweater to wear on chilly evenings out with friends. I bought this Isabel Marant  sweater from MyTheresa on sale. For the summer, I'd need just two dresses that I'd wear to weddings and for casual dinners out, so I purchased this Erdem Glenys dress on sale from Saks 5th Ave, and my Saloni Eve dress from the Net-a-Porter end of season sale. In the end, I only made a few choice purchases, carefully watching and waiting for each item to go on sale. No one ever notices that the same article of clothing is worn more than once, but the impact from a strong sense of individual style lasts forever. 

I hope that MyLuxeFit's database will help you find those clothes with the most flattering, perfect fit. 

"The Curated Closet" is available on Amazon Kindle and in paperback.