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Meet a fashion designer!

Amrita Karve

This weekend we had the pleasure of interviewing one of the most prolific reviewers on  MyLuxeFit, Angely De Aza. Angely De Aza is a young fashion designer who has designed clothing for major brands such as Nike and Lucky Brands! She has been making clothes since high school and knows all the technical aspects of size and fit. 

What led you to the fashion industry?

"When I was in middle school, I had to choose a high school to attend in New York City. I always have had a love for fashion, so I decided to attend The High School of Fashion Industry, in New York City, where we learned high school material but also fashion. Their structure is similar to FIT (Fashion Institute of Technology). You take regular classes but also pattern making, sewing, draping. I was both a model and a designer for the annual fashion show for my school. Then when choosing college, I actually chose engineering! But immediately I knew that I wanted to go back into fashion! So I went to FIT and obviously felt most content."

How did your experience at FIT lead you to where you are today?

"When in FIT I traveled to Japan, Thailand, and South Korea. I did customer research, what styles are out there. I learned all of the technical aspects of fashion designing. After college I did production management. I thought "OK I know enough about designing" so then I learned how to market and the business side. I was promoted to production manager and then designed for brands for Nautica, Lucky Brands. Accessories, leggings, hosiery. "

What aspect of fashion design and production have you enjoyed the most?

"I enjoyed the production management the most. The more creative part of my career so far has been designing for Lucky Brands and Nine West. I was designing hosiery and activewear. The activewear market is really growing now. "

What are you up to now? 

"I'm traveling a whole lot. For the first time I traveled to see Europe, France, Italy, Barcelona and Brazil. I've been doing fashion research and freelancing. I'm going back to France for 4 weeks. I like to go to the stores and see what the designers are doing and what the customers are buying."

What is your latest inspiration?

"Right now, I'm taking African fabrics and making American silhouettes.  I love African patterns and bright colors. African styles and music have become more trendy in the last few years. I am designing a new collection in African clothes; making more silhouettes that are less traditional and making them more high fashion. I am currently making some samples now and shooting some in France and Europe. I hope to launch my website by the end of this summer. "

Where do you draw your inspiration?

"My family is from the Dominican Republic and large majority of African descent. I did geneology research, and I traced my ancestors from West Africa; Senegal, Mali, Mauritania.  I'm inspired by South African photographer, blogger and stylist, Trevor Stuurman and clothes from Brotherhood."

You reviewed a lot of clothes from Alice and Olivia. How did they fit?

"I would call myself a curvy body shape. As for Alice and Olivia: I would have to take them in at the chest, since larger at the chest. They are tighter at the hips. There were a few pieces that fit me perfectly, and those were the ones that have stretch."

You also reviewed clothes from Alexander Wang. What did you think about Alexander Wang sizing?

"Alexander Wang mainly uses stretch fabrics; this is a safe way to cater to all body types. His clothes would look great on curvy women. However, it is catered to the longer, taller woman. Even with me at 5’5” I would have to hem them. And it’s also made for somebody with a longer torso. "

What is your dream career?

"A dream career in ten years is having my own fashion line, with my own brands, shining light on black culture America, and African fashion. Even having factories in Africa with fair labor. I hope that's the plan."

Stay tuned for more from Angely De Aza later this year! Angely, we wish you the best of luck!