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Jetset with the softest most luxurious clothing regardless of size

Amrita Karve

MyLuxeFit is headed to Sydney, Australia this week. With a long flight ahead, I can't wait to ensconce myself in the most comfortable luxury travel clothing. One can always count on a baby soft belted-hoodie from Alexander Wang, a James Perse tee, and Blanc Noir Ballet joggers for the coziest in-flight apparel. Take the fuss-free Givenchy nightingale for hassle-free handling with the sturdy shoulder strap. All of the above are so versatile: since these are casual, athleisure type clothes they are versatile for almost any size. The XS size of the Alexander Wang belted hoodie will even fit a petite shopper and the belt will give it some structure. 

Screen Shot 2018-04-09 at 10.58.44 AM.png