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Amrita Karve

What is it about style from the 1950s that catches our eye? 

It's the delicate waist, the gentle curves through the hips, and the just below-the knee length that makes the waist, arms and legs appear so slender, so ladylike. Erdem Moralioglu, the Turkish and Canadian fashion designer has mastered flattering the female form. This gorgeous Erdem dress, available at 24 Sevres, is the most elegant dress for that summertime cocktail party overlooking the Mediterranean. It would be just as fitting for that lovely Sunday Easter brunch. Sizing is standard for designer brands; for size 00 customers, alterations including taking in the waist will certainly be needed. For petite shoppers, the neckline the seams will need to be taken in at the shoulder to move the entire neckline up, as will the the waist, but quite worth the price. Pair with pearl or diamond earrings, the Celine belt bag and slingback pumps for a polished, ladylike look.