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1950s style: Clothing Inspiration from the Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

Amrita Karve

We have been counting down days to the release of the Emmy award-winning Marvelous Mrs. Maisel last week! The lust-worthy costume design has millions of women hooked. For fans of the costume design the show conjures a longing for an era when women wore dresses rather than pants and dressed to get the mail. In an effort to scour the internet for 1950s - inspired clothing with knee-length hemlines and a-line cuts we found a few reliable sources to be 1950s inspired in 2018!

1) Goat Fashion:

Adored by Gwenyth Paltrow, the Duchess of Cambridge, and Victoria Bekham, this quintessentially British luxury brand started out with a focus on cashmere. Goat dresses are classically tailored with timeless appeal and are 1950s inspired but are made for the modern, confident, active woman. Goat sizing tends to run large; they have no equivalent of a size “0”, but we believe the high quality material would make it easy (and worth it) to tailor. Below is the Graduate Pencil Dress from Goat, almost completely matching Midge’s outfit when she moved into her new apartment in episode 4! For incredible deals, visit Goat Fashion on the Outnet.

2) Lela Rose:

Lela Rose is a New York City-based, American fashion designer who was formally trained as a painter and sculptor before enrolling in the Parsons School of Design. Her clothes have an elegant, timeless aesthetic, made with rich materials. Her clothes are sold internationally at major department stores such as Saks, Nieman Marcus and Bloomingdales. Below are some our favorite dresses from this brand. We can just imagine Midge attending a lavish winter party in this open-neck coat dress in season 1 or a summer picnic in this orchid pleated skirt dress in season 2!

3) Zac Posen

Nothing gets that 1950’s bombshell look like Zac Posen. Cherished by starlets like Dita Von Teese and Amber Heard, Zac Posen can turn any figure into the perfect hourglass. Remember the red dress Midge wore in season 1 when her ex-husband returns for dinner? This red dress is a dress on a mission. Emulate this look with some of our favorite dresses from Zac Posen.

Mrs Maisel Red Dress.jpg

Cape Dresses Are In

Amrita Karve

But not because it’s almost Halloween!

We are so delighted by this new trend: capes on dresses (better known as “watteau” in the fashion world” seem to evoke thoughts of Audrey Hepburn floating through at a party in the movie Funny Face or royal affairs. Remarkably, the cape dress can look quite flattering at any height or weight. Taller women could easily try the floor-length cape dress as worn recently by Meghan Markle (Safiyaa) at a state dinner in Fiji, or Kate Middleton (Alexander McQueen) in Norway. Another Safiyaa Cape Dress is still available at Saks in select sizes.

Kate Middleton in Alexander McQueen and Meghan Markle in Safiyaa

Kate Middleton in Alexander McQueen and Meghan Markle in Safiyaa

For shorter women, a cocktail length cape dress can be just as magical. Lela Rose always releases gorgeous collection of watteau dresses each season; this year, they come in hues of burgundy, royal blue, and silver. See this review of a Lela Rose Cocktail Dress from one of our reviewers.

Lela Rose Flounce Back Dress

Name: Ranipark

Height: 5'3"; Weight: 104 lbs

Fit rating from 1 (low) to 5 (high): 4

Size purchased: 2

Usual size: 00

SIZING: True To Size


The size I purchased (2) was about two sizes larger than my usual size because a size 0 was not available. I had it altered from a very experienced tailor (because it has boning) and it was absolutely stunning! I wore this to an elegant wedding at the Park Hyatt Hotel in NYC and it was the talk of the evening. Love the quality of this lela rose dress. I bet if I had bought a 0 it would have fit almost perfectly. I will definitely buy Lela Rose dresses again.


Amrita Karve

So proud to finally announce my purchase of the ALLSAINTS DALBY LEATHER JACKET after months of scouring the internet for the perfect size and fit; we'll have a review specifically on this jacket coming up!. With millions of choices, it can be overwhelming to find the perfectly fitting leather jacket; since what defines "flattering" greatly varies based on body shape. Here is a guide that might help you with your search: 

1. Leather jackets for hourglass shapes:

Find a jacket that fits snugly at the waist and the shoulders. Being a little snug at the shoulders is okay because leather will relax with time. Cropped jackets can be a little trickier for the hourglass shape unless they are perfectly tailored. See how the first image of the gorgeous Scarlett Johansson is so much more flattering than the second. If you are interested in a cropped leather jacket, choose one that ends as the smallest portion of the waist and that is fitted around the waist. 





2.Leather jackets for banana shapes: 

This is probably the "easiest" shape to shop for as far as leather jackets go. Banana shapes have a little bit more leeway with avoiding the "boxy" look. However, avoid jackets with overly linear designs (see the second jacket on Demi Moore) since these will deemphasize your curves. 





3. Leather jackets for pear shapes:

Balance out the hips by getting a jacket with a power shoulder; see the first image below. This is particularly flattering on a pear shape; by adding the power shoulder, you can get more of an hourglass appearance. Avoid overly boxy cuts, like the second picture. See the examples on Rihanna, below. 




4. Leather jackets for apple shapes: 

It's harder to go wrong here, and trendy boxy cuts may actually work well on this figure! See Rebel Wilson in both jackets below: one really hugs the figure, while the other one is boxier. Both look great! 





Meet a fashion designer!

Amrita Karve

This weekend we had the pleasure of interviewing one of the most prolific reviewers on  MyLuxeFit, Angely De Aza. Angely De Aza is a young fashion designer who has designed clothing for major brands such as Nike and Lucky Brands! She has been making clothes since high school and knows all the technical aspects of size and fit. 

What led you to the fashion industry?

"When I was in middle school, I had to choose a high school to attend in New York City. I always have had a love for fashion, so I decided to attend The High School of Fashion Industry, in New York City, where we learned high school material but also fashion. Their structure is similar to FIT (Fashion Institute of Technology). You take regular classes but also pattern making, sewing, draping. I was both a model and a designer for the annual fashion show for my school. Then when choosing college, I actually chose engineering! But immediately I knew that I wanted to go back into fashion! So I went to FIT and obviously felt most content."

How did your experience at FIT lead you to where you are today?

"When in FIT I traveled to Japan, Thailand, and South Korea. I did customer research, what styles are out there. I learned all of the technical aspects of fashion designing. After college I did production management. I thought "OK I know enough about designing" so then I learned how to market and the business side. I was promoted to production manager and then designed for brands for Nautica, Lucky Brands. Accessories, leggings, hosiery. "

What aspect of fashion design and production have you enjoyed the most?

"I enjoyed the production management the most. The more creative part of my career so far has been designing for Lucky Brands and Nine West. I was designing hosiery and activewear. The activewear market is really growing now. "

What are you up to now? 

"I'm traveling a whole lot. For the first time I traveled to see Europe, France, Italy, Barcelona and Brazil. I've been doing fashion research and freelancing. I'm going back to France for 4 weeks. I like to go to the stores and see what the designers are doing and what the customers are buying."

What is your latest inspiration?

"Right now, I'm taking African fabrics and making American silhouettes.  I love African patterns and bright colors. African styles and music have become more trendy in the last few years. I am designing a new collection in African clothes; making more silhouettes that are less traditional and making them more high fashion. I am currently making some samples now and shooting some in France and Europe. I hope to launch my website by the end of this summer. "

Where do you draw your inspiration?

"My family is from the Dominican Republic and large majority of African descent. I did geneology research, and I traced my ancestors from West Africa; Senegal, Mali, Mauritania.  I'm inspired by South African photographer, blogger and stylist, Trevor Stuurman and clothes from Brotherhood."

You reviewed a lot of clothes from Alice and Olivia. How did they fit?

"I would call myself a curvy body shape. As for Alice and Olivia: I would have to take them in at the chest, since larger at the chest. They are tighter at the hips. There were a few pieces that fit me perfectly, and those were the ones that have stretch."

You also reviewed clothes from Alexander Wang. What did you think about Alexander Wang sizing?

"Alexander Wang mainly uses stretch fabrics; this is a safe way to cater to all body types. His clothes would look great on curvy women. However, it is catered to the longer, taller woman. Even with me at 5’5” I would have to hem them. And it’s also made for somebody with a longer torso. "

What is your dream career?

"A dream career in ten years is having my own fashion line, with my own brands, shining light on black culture America, and African fashion. Even having factories in Africa with fair labor. I hope that's the plan."

Stay tuned for more from Angely De Aza later this year! Angely, we wish you the best of luck! 

5 Petite Friendly Designer Brands

Amrita Karve

MyLuxeFit reached a special milestone this month, with over 140 reviews posted on the size and fit of designer clothes! From our subscribers we were able to glean information on 5 petite friendly brands that are likely to be stylish and fit perfectly. The winners are: 1) Alexander McQueen; 2) Parker 3) Rebecca Taylor 4) Burberry 5) Dolce & Gabbana that are likely to fit the 5'3" and under crowd! 

1. Alexander McQueen

Alexander McQueen sizing runs smaller than other brands. Even for some of our most petite reviewers (ie, height 5'1", ~102 lbs), an IT size 38 would sometimes even fit better than an IT size 36. In general, Alexander McQueen runs smaller than most other designer brands.  The Alexander McQueen summer collection includes figure flattering silhouettes; we especially loved the Gabardine Shorts available on Net-a-Porter. 



Name: Athena

Height: 5'2"; Weight: 102 lbs 

Fit rating from 1 (low) to 5 (high): 5

Size purchased: IT 38 

Usual size: IT 36

I am a regular size Italia 36 but these shorts fitted perfectly on me! I should thank the bow belt on that and since they are high waisted shorts, it gives me room to tug my top without leaving it hanging.

2. Parker NY

Parker dresses seem to fit very snugly on myself  (5'3, weight ~105 lbs, typically size 00).  A Parker size 0 generally tends to fit very well on someone who normally wears a size 00. Parker sizing charts state that the bust typically measures 32.5 cm for a size 0, though often times it will fit well for a bust smaller than that; Parker sizing runs small. The hips run slightly smaller on parker, so in general Parker clothing may be better for banana or hourglass shapes rather than pear shapes, but the variations are subtle. 


Username: Ranipark 

Usual size worn: 00/XXS: Size purchased:  0 

Fit Rating: 4/5 Height: 5'3" Weight: 105

Comments: Slightly big at the bust, fit perfectly at the hips. Length was just above the knee on my height. Neckline was a little low. Despite it being a little larger on top it was a very good fit overall.

3. Rebecca Taylor

Rebecca Taylor sizing runs small, and usually has a vast 00/XXS collection; not to mention frequent 20-25% off sales throughout the year! With the 00/XXS bust running at 31.5 inches, waist at 24 inches, and high hip at 30 inches, this brand is a staple for the 00/XXS population. Rebecca Taylor clothing is high quality and reasonably priced for contemporary designer apparel. Celebs including Kelly Ripa, Olivia Palermo, and Taylor Swift regularly wear this brand. 


Rebecca Taylor Marlena Dress 

Username: Ranipark 

Size normally worn: 00/XXS; size purchased: 0 

Fit rating: 5/5; Height: 5'3"; Weight: 106 lbs

Comments: Lovely dress. I couldn't decide if I liked the color. It fit perfectly on me. The length came right below the knees. 


4. Burberry

Burberry sizing typically runs smaller, and some of their newer styles, such as the Chelsea trenchcoat, have been made even slimmer, especially for the Asia, which is now a huge sector for the luxury goods market. Burberry sizing is probably the smallest among designer brands, with a size 0 bust being just 30 inches, waist 23 inches, and hips being 33 inches.  Jean Wang, the 5-foot tall petite fashion blogger is shown below wearing a size 0 in the Chelsea Trench. 

"A size US 0 fit closely on me throughout the slightly-padded shoulders, torso, and sleeves. Out of the three [trench] styles, the sleeves also ran the shortest and might not need hemming on some petite ladies. I’m wearing a thin turtleneck tee here, and wouldn’t want to layer much without sizing up. I used to be obsessed with all things tight, but over time (and shifts in weight!), am starting to appreciate pieces with a little more wiggle room." 

-Jean Wang, ExtraPetite blog

5. Dolce & Gabbana

Dolce & Gabbana sizing does not necessarily run smaller, however the size does extend to 00/XXS, which is equivalent to IT 36 from Dolce & Gabbana. Even for those who are 5'3" and under but not necessarily size 00 or 0, the sizing may still work very well. Unfortunately it seems like Dolce & Gabbana is making fewer size IT 36 dresses than they used to, so when you find one it may be a great catch! Check out this beautiful Dolce & Gabbana dress on Reese Witherspoon's 5'1" frame. 


A Designer Closet for Less: Save Thousands

Amrita Karve

We recently emphasized the importance of building a designer dream closet slowly over time, with cautious thoughtful purchases with attention to the pieces that would have the most impact on any ensemble. No matter what your budget is, everyone loves a great deal. Shopstyle is an App that allows you  find clothing and then save it to your favorites. Shopstyle will send you an email once your marked item goes on sale! 

Find incredible designer discounts Bergdorf Goodman

Find incredible designer discounts Bergdorf Goodman

New feature! Selfie capability added to MyLuxeFit

Amrita Karve

Happy Wednesday! MyLuxeFit has just added a great new feature to the forms that allows users to upload selfies to show how different items fit! We felt this would be particularly valuable since not everyone is 5"10 and a size 00 like the models wearing these clothes. We hope you enjoy and can't wait to hear your feedback. 

Curate a Designer Wardrobe on a Budget

Amrita Karve

Many thanks to Anuschka Rees, Author of the "Curated Closet", an essential guidebook of how to assemble a curated closet on a budget! Transitions in life, such as from professional to professional mother, or from student to professional, or even fluctations in weight can be tricky (and expensive!) when it comes to assembling a wardrobe. 

Having had a science background with many, many years of postgraduate education and living on a meager graduate student's salary, I was confronted with this paradox of wanting to hoard all of my hard earned money versus finally feeling like I had the chance to splurge. I wanted to indulge in Dolce & Gabbana dresses and buy everything from Cusp at Nieman Marcus! 

Style blogger Anuschka Rees' "Curated Closet" helped me tremendously during this time. She first describes moving to London in her twenties as a graduate student. Living in this very expensive city, she found it difficult to be stylish. She spent what little money she had on fast fashion and low priced retailers. We have all occasionally fallen prey to the notion that dressing well means following the latest designer trends, when really those who we admire most, such as  Audrey Hepburn, Jackie Kennedy, and Kate Middleton have an enduring style regardless of the times. 

Her book provides algorithms for introspection on our wardrobe dilemmas: Why don't we have anything to wear? Why do we make impulse buys? What ares of the wardrobe would have the greatest impact from choice purchases? What's unique about her book, as opposed to the countless other books on style, is that she gives very concrete examples as to how one can accomplish their style goals. In fact, she also has a workbook that accompanies the "Curated Closet". 

With guidance from this book, I learned that I'd need just two more simple blouses for work. This would cover almost half the week. In the winter, I'd need a dressy sweater to wear on chilly evenings out with friends. I bought this Isabel Marant  sweater from MyTheresa on sale. For the summer, I'd need just two dresses that I'd wear to weddings and for casual dinners out, so I purchased this Erdem Glenys dress on sale from Saks 5th Ave, and my Saloni Eve dress from the Net-a-Porter end of season sale. In the end, I only made a few choice purchases, carefully watching and waiting for each item to go on sale. No one ever notices that the same article of clothing is worn more than once, but the impact from a strong sense of individual style lasts forever. 

I hope that MyLuxeFit's database will help you find those clothes with the most flattering, perfect fit. 

"The Curated Closet" is available on Amazon Kindle and in paperback. 

Jetset with the softest most luxurious clothing regardless of size

Amrita Karve

MyLuxeFit is headed to Sydney, Australia this week. With a long flight ahead, I can't wait to ensconce myself in the most comfortable luxury travel clothing. One can always count on a baby soft belted-hoodie from Alexander Wang, a James Perse tee, and Blanc Noir Ballet joggers for the coziest in-flight apparel. Take the fuss-free Givenchy nightingale for hassle-free handling with the sturdy shoulder strap. All of the above are so versatile: since these are casual, athleisure type clothes they are versatile for almost any size. The XS size of the Alexander Wang belted hoodie will even fit a petite shopper and the belt will give it some structure. 

Screen Shot 2018-04-09 at 10.58.44 AM.png


Amrita Karve

MYLUXEFIT wishes you a Happy Easter holiday! To kick off the spring season we are offering a $250 Saks Fifth Avenue Gift Card to the first person to write 10 reviews or more on MYLUXEFIT by June 1, 2018! No actual clothing purchase is necessary- find your closest designer boutique or department store and start trying on different items of clothing! Let us know how it fits! Once you have reviewed 50 articles of clothing, to verify that you have tried on each piece of designer clothing, we will ask that you provide a photo (OK to remove face for privacy) for each item. Reviews from discount stores (ie Saks off 5th, Nieman Marcus Last Call, Outnet, Gilt, Nordstrom Rack, etc will not qualify). 

Terms and Conditions: Only one person is eligible to win this gift card event. 

Screen Shot 2018-04-01 at 1.20.04 PM.png


Amrita Karve

ITS' 2018 and the color yellow is having a moment. In this time of political turmoil around the world, flashes of yellow are an optimistic sign of better times yet to come. Yellow has appeared on multiple runways from Alaia, Self-Portrait, Carolina Herrera and is featured heavily in Alice and Olivia's latest collection. Opt for a cheerful yellow this summer and be the shining light in your community! 

Screen Shot 2018-03-29 at 6.38.57 PM.png


Amrita Karve

Crop tops have been become favorites of it-girls including Gigi and Bella Hadid. For the rest of mortals, styling crop tops isn't so straightforward, but we can still make the ensemble look elegant. Pair with a full, high waisted maxi skirt or wide leg pants. Wear under a trench coat or wear with an Hermes or Versace scarf. For a more conservative look, purchase a longer crop top or one with long sleeves. 

Red Valentino: Whimsical Femininity Meets a Cool Urban Vibe

Amrita Karve

Be resort ready in Red Valentino's whimsical, cool urban Spring Summer '18 collection featuring bandhani prints and cool light fabrics. Wear them on your next southern European vacation, whether that's on the stony streets of Barcelona or on the blue and white skyline of Santorini. Especially unique is their oh-so-chic take on the skort, which is featured multiple times in this collection. Valentino's creative director Pierpaolo PIcciolini perfectly blends trendy summer vibes with timeless silhouettes. Available at Moda Operandi


Amrita Karve



The key to figure flattering clothing is knowing your measurements. It's always easier done with a friend. Most tailors offer this service for free. 

BUST: The bust should be measured at the fullest point. 

WAIST: Stand up straight and measure at the smallest part of your waist. 

HIPS: Measure at the fullest part of the hips. 

INSEAM: Start with a pair of pants that fit you well. Measure from the crotch down to the bottom of the leg. 


Amrita Karve

What is it about style from the 1950s that catches our eye? 

It's the delicate waist, the gentle curves through the hips, and the just below-the knee length that makes the waist, arms and legs appear so slender, so ladylike. Erdem Moralioglu, the Turkish and Canadian fashion designer has mastered flattering the female form. This gorgeous Erdem dress, available at 24 Sevres, is the most elegant dress for that summertime cocktail party overlooking the Mediterranean. It would be just as fitting for that lovely Sunday Easter brunch. Sizing is standard for designer brands; for size 00 customers, alterations including taking in the waist will certainly be needed. For petite shoppers, the neckline the seams will need to be taken in at the shoulder to move the entire neckline up, as will the the waist, but quite worth the price. Pair with pearl or diamond earrings, the Celine belt bag and slingback pumps for a polished, ladylike look.