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Audrey Tautou in "Coco Before Chanel"

Audrey Tautou in "Coco Before Chanel"


Reviews of luxury designer clothing are no longer hard to find via MYLUXEFIT's online database and community. Each designer has a different size guide.  It's often impossible to predict how designer clothing will fit before it's worn. Designer clothes are expensive; buying anything haute couture, whether its a handbag or a Dior dress, often requires some research.

Women want to know what will likely fit before making an expensive online purchase. The size charts and fit guides, along with a multitude of reviews on the latest fashions right off the runway are located on each designer's page. The fits of these designers have been well vetted by our exclusive online community. 

How it works 

Share your opinion on an article of clothing by submitting this form.  Your review will be submitted to a moderator, who will then post your review along with the image of the article of clothing from the link you provided. 

We promote sustainable fashion

5 billion pounds of returned merchandise end up in landfills each year. Along with the returns come other effects on the environment (more air traffic for sending and returning packages, more waste production); MyLuxeFit helps promote sustainability by reducing returns: find what's likely to fit before making a purchase. 

How it started

As a very petite woman, I've always had a difficult time finding designer clothing that fits my small frame. After becoming frustrated with the process of buying and returning expensive clothing from online shops (which are often abroad), and having spent many mindless hours waiting for Fedex/UPS to deliver these clothes to my home (only to have to return them again because of poor fit), I decided to start MyLuxeFit, to help women of all sizes find the latest designer clothing that fits . 

- Amrita Karve, Founder 

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